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The effectiveness of Bio Music One does not rely on volume or sound quality. Instead, it relies on regular play and the diffusion of UFSWs, received and transported by water vapour in the air and water in the body, thanks to the Physical Aqueous Vacuum.

3 recommended listening modes

  1. "Inaudible and Continuous" mode, maintains daily balance and well-being. Follow your intuition when choosing which album to play for a half-day or during the night.
    'Inaudible' = minimum sound volume selected to diffuse the frequencies without hearing the music.
    'Continuous' = repetition of the entire album, in track order..

  2. "Conscious Listening" mode is used to journey to unexplored dimensions of yourself, in an enhanced state of consciousness, to speed up stress transmutation and the release of blockages that may be affecting you, and to help you make conscious realisations. Do this preferably in a sitting position, eyes closed, away from anything that may disturb you. Let go and be mindful of what you may sense, including visions or information you might receive in a specific moment, or in the hours and days that follow.

  3. "Audible or Background play" mode, to relax and quickly enjoy a feeling of well-being, and to encourage a harmonious atmosphere of exchange during family get-togethers and/or with friends.
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6 complementary CDs for optimum balance

The Bio Music One CDs complement each other because they act on different resonant body circuits, enabling targeted support. For optimal use of all 6 CDs, follow the order shown below, in inaudible or audible modes and in the following ways:

  • Over half a day: play each CD once, either during the day or during the night.
  • Over 1 week: play each CD day or night in repeat and inaudible modes. Don't play any CDs on the 7th day. Repeat over 1 or 2 weeks and/or return to intuitive play.
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Recommended order of play:

Kinema 1 - Arnica Montana 1 - Arnica Montana 2 - Monte Cristo 3 - Monte Cristo 2 - Monte Cristo 1
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Sleep improvement

It is during sleep that humans are both more vulnerable and most receptive. Consequently, we recommend Bio Music One CDs be played in inaudible and continuous modes during the whole night to encourage deep and restorative sleep.
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Thanks to Bio Music One's rebalancing process (rebalancing driver and passengers) and its electromagnetic shielding effect, the driver benefits from optimal alertness levels and optimal concentration, as well as increased comfort and considerably reduced fatigue.
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Copying a CD

Copying or compressing Bio Music One audio files affect or destroy the beneficial UFSWs.
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UFSWs Diffusion

UFSWs do not go through walls. Therefore, in order for the sound waveforms to diffuse properly, doors must be left wide open.

The USFWs can spread over a radial distance of 40 meters in living spaces and workplaces with walls and partitions, and up to 120 meters of open space.

Use of a portable CD player can be a practical way of playing Bio music One everywhere and anywhere you may wish, and to bring its beneficial effects with you on the move. We recommend leaving the earplugs connected to ensure good diffusion of the UFSWs, turning the sound down to a low volume.
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Daily use

Reap the benefits of Bio Music One during sleep, at mealtime, while showering or bathing, watching TV, working with a computer, using your mobile phone, meditating, practising sport or gentle gymnastics e.g. Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, as well as when at work, in public places, in shops, while  driving and using public transport and much more...