• Free yourself from stress and the disturbing impact of past memories
  • Maintain a natural state of inner calm, clarity and vitality
  • Better perceive answers relevant to your situation 
  • Reconnect with your self 
  • Experience new sensations


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a 7 minute sonic meditation with inmediate and sometimes spectacular beneficial effects 



What is Bio Music One?

Composed of 62 tracks arranged onto 6 complementary CDs, Bio Music One (previously known as Bio Music 6 in 1) is a bio-active music that helps maintain a state of natural health and well-being without any effort. Its many beneficial effects for the body, spirit and the environment are scientifically recognised and documented by more than 2000 testimonials.

An enhanced state of well-being at every levels

Physical - Energetic - Psychological - Emotional - Sensory - Spiritual

Recognised and beneficial rebalancing effects 

  • Reconnection with the self, grounding,&nbsp
  • Induces a calmer thought process
  • Reduces stress and electro- hyper-sensitivity
  • Improves general well-being, sleep, vitality, creativity
  • Improves intuition, sensory perception, intimate relationships
  • Supports all forms of therapy and meditation as well as physical and intellectual activities
  • retores a good vibratory quality of water and air
  • acts on animals and plants

More than 2000 written testimonials

A support tool for general well-being

“Bio Music One brought about some spectacular changes to my life. I stopped smoking and stopped looking for sexual pleasure without love, I am very active, very happy, well centred, very creative, very optimistic and am much more consciously aware of my actions and my environment. I feel a profound emotion for life like never before. Thanks a million times over!” CB, Spain

“This is extraordinary music! It has helped me on multiple levels: physically, psychologically and emotionally. I am much less tired and my core energy has strengthened considerably. I also realised and became aware of certain important things concerning my private life and my environment. Thank you for having created such music unique in its genre, for the good of all.” BJ, France

A support tool to improve sleep

“The very first night I slept, with the help of the Bio Music One ‘Arnica Montana 1’ CD playing continuously, like a baby. I have been insomniac as well as hypersensitive to noise for years. This is confirmed every morning when I get up fresher and more rested than ever with the impression that my cells are receiving a real breath of fresh air. It took me only four nights to find a calmness and serenity which was quite unexpected but quite real all the same. A big Thank You for such a brilliant and accessible process for all.” C, France

“Since I have played Bio Music One, I now sleep uninterrupted until morning. It was often the case before that I would wake at 4am without quite knowing why.” MAML, Spain

A support tool for all kinds of therapies and treatments

“I have integrated Bio Music One (CD Kinema) in my healing method Aroma Mechanic Energetic System because it completes it marvellous well thanks to the vibrations it sends to the 110 acupuncture points that we use.” Alain Fontaine, France, Creator AMES system

“I am a therapist and I frequently advise my clients to make use of it. I have seen a rapid improvement of the physical, psychological and emotional states of many people. Your music has helped them quickly and easily let go of situations and emotions, and to get past difficult stages in their lives and to recover their capacity to create happiness. THANK YOU.” J, France

A support tool for electro-hyper-sensitivity

“I have been hypersensitive to artificial electromagnetic fields for four years (to the point that I had to leave my job as a trainer in IT to live as a recluse in my home). I tested many so-called miraculous products in order to counter the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic fields. It turns out that many are not effective enough and sometimes completely ineffective... Your CDs have yielded brilliant results… After several months of regular use, in varying circumstances, I can ascertain that they have revealed themselves to be very convincing… The unpleasant sensations disappear very quickly and leave a pleasant state of feeling purified, cleaned, appeased and revitalised.” Stéphane Lemmens, electro-hyper-sensitive – Belgium

“Thanks to Bio Music One, it is possible to protect oneself from electromagnetic pollution, if present in our society.” Dr Domingo Pérez León, Director of the Biological Institute of Health, Madrid, Spain

A support tool for sport activities

“Bio Music One helps me become aware of the energy which goes into each movement. It helps me concentrate better and be more conscious of the impact of each movement with a practically total disappearance of tiredness. My students better understand what it is I am trying to teach them. They seem to have found this ‘opening’ which helps them ‘absorb’ the information.” Marie-Christine Fresse, Tai Chi and Chi Gong teacher, Briançon, France.

“I use Bio Music One CDs during my yoga and dance classes. They bring about a subtle change in the way we feel centred and more aware of our self.” Sophie - OFR Vitalité, France

A support tool for self-development in a state of heightened consciousness

“Your ‘Monte Cristo 1’ CD has sent me to another time-space…. Or rather, my conception of time and space has vanished to become a perception where past, present and future are all here at the same time and I can choose to co-create with any one of them instantaneously, which is an exhilarating experience!!! :-) I have observed that, after each conscious listening, a feeling that ‘everything is possible’ is with me, around me, inside of me, aside of me, and this gives me a microscopic vision of what True Life is, a life of sharing, of consciousness, of being here and now, of feeling Love… I feel like plunging into this True Life with everybody and the whole planet !” Julie Pierron, Actress, France

“Every time I listen to a Bio Music One album, I feel more connected with myself, more centred. I feel that I am ‘one’ with the music and a form of tranquillity, as well as an impression of being ‘fed’ inside me, takes place.” MC, France

A support tool to enhance working conditions

“I am a Counsellor in Human Resources and I have had the opportunity to use the CD ‘Kinema 1’ in order to appease difficult candidates who showed inner suffering. Used in inaudible mode, I have been able to see the difference and appreciate the change in the way candidates communicate: they are calmer and more at peace with themselves. This facilitates the communications between us and helping them thus becomes possible. Thank you.” E, France

“I left a Bio Music One CD to play in my office for about a month. Other than the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere which came to be, the re-harmonisation brought about improved relations between my colleagues, to the point where we all contributed to buy all 6 CDs for our office.” MJ, Spain

A support tool to improve transport conditions

“To be used when travelling by car, plane or train. Absence of fatigue guaranteed, I’ll testify to it.” CM, France

“A good feeling in the car during long journeys; the atmosphere is friendly, people are nice.” Customer of LB, France

“ I continue to listen to my Bio Music One CD in the car to stay alert and attentive.” SB, France

A support tool for the general well-being of animals

“I must tell you that my cat Aisha was in heat and wouldn’t stop scratching the carpet or stop groaning for days. As soon as I started playing the Arnica Montana 1 CD, she stopped completely. Incredible! I really thought that I was hallucinating!” CL, Spain

“One lady who was present at one of the conferences I gave told me that her canary, who up until then had never sung before, suddenly started singing when she played her Bio Music One CD for the first time. Since then, he sings every time she puts the CD to play, with or without audible sound!” Patrice Morchain, Heliogos Formations, France

A support tool for the general well-being of plants

“Since I have been playing my Bio Music One CDs, I have noticed that my flowers last longer than before. My friends have also noticed it.” ND, France

“ I have a Clivia that had not been producing flowers for the past eight years. Since I have started to play Bio Music One in 2011, it started flowering in 2012 and in 2013, it has now produced a fabulous 25cm flower!” José Marie, Association Vivre Reiki, France

Harmonisation of the environment

“After having had to make some important structural changes to my residence, I played the CD continuously. The effects were quick and effective - calmness, appeasement, balance – and the house now holds a much better atmosphere than it did before the works. Thank you.” Roger, Magnétiseur, France

“The Bio Music One CDs are played continuously all day long in the shop. It very frequently happens that one of my customers spontaneously express that of feeling particularly good in the shop. Sometimes they say that they feel relaxed having just stepped inside of the shop.” Sébastien Tubau. Espace Renaissance, Switzerland

“The CD was only playing for a few hours and I have noticed that the air seems ‘purer’, there is a freshness in each room, like a great osmosing** cleaning has taken place.” CG, France

Interactive listening

“I did not believe in it at all… my head was saying to me that nothing would happen... I was very dubitative with regards to any expected effects... Then, when the guitar stopped for a few seconds, everything changed for me… I found myself reliving a situation that occured two months ago… but which appeared to me under a new light, and a "key of comprehension" imposed itself to me… with strength and evidence. My thoughts became useful as opposed to a endless succession of useless thoughts, as it is often the case with me. Strangely enough, the music stopped at the 'right' time!!! Just when the process was complete and the enlightment of that situation had been achieved... I finished this listening session really surprised, bemused and a with big smile across my face” F.P. France

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A modular program of 6 complementary CDs 


Kinema 1

Arnica Montana 1

Arnica Montana 2

Monte Cristo 3

Monte Cristo 2

Monte Cristo 1


How to choose your Bio Music One CDs ?

To benefit fully from Bio Music One, it is recommended to use the complete series of the 6 CDs in synergy. However, should you prefer to start with one or two CDs, our map of the parrticularities and complimentarities of the Bio Music One albums will help you identify the CDs that best suit your needs in this period of your life. You can download this map as well as other informative documents on our DOWNLOAD page.

Enjoy the audio quality of Bio Music One CDs

All the Bio Music One CDs have been remastered at the Metropolis Studios in London, the best European recording and mastering studio complex and one of the best three studios in the world, with the exception of the album ‘Monte Cristo 1’, which was mastered at the great Sony Music studio in London.