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How to choose your Bio Music One CDs?

To benefit fully from Bio Music One, it is recommended to use the complete series of the 6 CDs in synergy. However, should you prefer to start with one or two CDs, our map of the parrticularities and complimentarities of the Bio Music One albums will help you identify the CDs that best suit your needs in this period of your life. You can download this map as well as other informative documents on our DOWNLOAD page.


Enjoy the audio quality of Bio Music One CDs

All the Bio Music One CDs have been remastered at the Metropolis Studios in London, the best European recording and mastering studio complex and one of the best three studios in the world, with the exception of the album ‘Monte Cristo 1’, which was mastered at the great Sony Music studio in London.


Kinema 1

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The Bio Music One Aspect

A cinetic journey of instrumental Ambient Lounge style, in resonance with the energetic structure of the body.

For more information, please download our document on the particularities and complementarities of Bio Music One CDs.


The Artistic Aspect

Kinema's characteristic style can be found on many international compilations by prestigious labels such as Café Del Mar, Ministry of Sound or even Water Music Records, as well as on various TV programs. The track called 'Plenitude Part 2' is considered by Toni Simonen, a Café Del Mar DJ, as "one of the best Chill Out tracks of all time".

Instrumental journey in a cinematic universe. Some of the tracks on the album were produced as soundtracks for short and full-length features. Two tracks in particular are from the soundtrack of the film "Point Annihilation", directed by Virginia Heath, winner of the First Prize at the Berlin Film Festival of 2002. Two other tracks were written for the full-length feature "Par amour pour toi". Finally, another two tracks are on the soundtrack of Malgorzata Debowska's feature film callled: "Au-dela de l'amour, mon amour".


What the media say about Kinema:

"Marvellous and profound music" Concha Romero - Onda Madrid
"Beautiful music..." Pinky - Europa FM
"Marvellous!" Manuel Garcia - Punto Radio
"J'adore!" Jon Fano - Radio Circulo
"You'll sleep with the angels" Shangay magazine
"Amazing work...a unique experience" Odisea magazine
"A selection of the best chillout" Cambio 16 magazine
"A new experience that will change the importance of listening to music" Top Noche magazine
"Music that takes you on a journey...from the third track on, you feel more relaxed and the feeling just gets amplified as the album develops" Femme Actuelle magazine
"Synopsis offers up 10 tracks of a pleasant nature, melodic and outside time which will not only charm your ears but contains extraordinary beneficial properties" Oasis magazine
"Galactic, melodic and pleasant sounds"
"Plenitude Part 1 adds an extrasensory dimension to the mix" Mixer magazine